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Cerri Scholarship Essay

2013 Eastern Region Scholars Teams

5th Grade Team 


Antonio Cruz          Sayreville Leprechauns
Tyler Minton           Millstone Eagles
Zichary Tamajon    South River Knights

Cheer & Dance

Alyssa Molnar          Port Reading Saints
Anne Nolan              Allentown Redbirds
Erin Kowalski           South River Knights
Vanessa Bonilla       Port Reading Saints

6th Grade Team


Mathew Buchek               Piscataway Braves
Nicholas Razzano             South River Knights
Zachary Rafano-Tansey  South River Knights

Cheer & Dance

Brieanne Bake           South River Knights
Brook Mathews          South River Knights
Hannah Kurtz             South River Knights
Jaaaaclyn Green        Old Bridge Knights
Julia Marrone             North Brunswick Indians
Kayla Rosario             Port Reading Saints
Kelsey Mc Keon          Port Reading Saints
Kylie Gautier              Port Reading Saints
Nyah Anderson          Iselin Giants
Paige Edwards           South River Knights
Samantha Tasca         South River Knights
Tyriana Taylor            Franklin Twp Warriors
Zoe Nalepa                 Iselin Giants

7th Grade Team


Jonah Boulware          South Brunswick PAL Vikings
Kyle Foley                    Raritan Bay Cougar

Cheer & Dance

Alexa DeSantis          Millstone Eagles
Nikita Arya                 South River Knights
Lauren Kodros           Old Bridge Knights
Madison Doring         Sayreville Leprechauns
Caitlyn Hochron         Sayreville Leprechauns
Julianna Markovich   Sayreville Leprechauns
Caroline Cruz             South River Knights
Sophia DiGiovanni     South River Knights

Senior Team


Andrew Brazicki          Franklin Twp Warriors
Angelo Golino III        Iselin Giants
Jacob Kodros               Raritan Bay Cougars
James Durkin               Staten Island Lions
Kevin Hullmann           W.Windsor/Plainsboro Wildcats
Tyler Layton                 Colonia Patriots
William Jeffries            Fords Bearcats 

Cheer & Dance

Alyssa DeSantis          Millstone Eagles
Cayla Petrowski          Port Reading Saints
Grace Anderson          Millstone Eagles
Lauren Bellars            Hightstown Rams
Nicole Clarke              Millstone Eagles
Sabrina Crichton        W.Windsor/Plainsboro Wildcats
Sophia Cerri               Millstone Eagles
Victoria Failla             Old Bridge Knights


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