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Onu College Prowler Essay

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Ohio Northern is the home to some of my best memories. I have close friends that I met there that I keep close contact with.
ONU seems to be the perfect college for me to have chosen. It has a great engineering program, and lots of other groups and clubs to join. I’m on the wrestling team, and even though it keeps me very busy, it also gave me a group of people to hang out with and bond. Many of them are also engineers, so we have a lot of the same classes too. The professors here are also great, for the most part. They’re always willing to help and respond to emails you send them. The only bad part of ONU is the price, but if you put in the work in academics while in high school, the scholarships you can earn make up for it. I love being here at ONU, and I don’t think there’s any other college I’d want to be earning my undergrad at.
Good for everything. I like that. I feel sogood to here. I want to money for studies here. I get something. I love here. I say truth.
Ohio Northern is great. The professors seem to genuinely care about my education (as an individual). They have open office hours and provide resources for the students to utilize. They are very helpful in answering questions. The athletics and facilities at ONU are amazing as well. Our sports teams win numerous conference championships across all sports every year and the facilities that they play in are top notch. The campus is not too big, as it is a small school, but it is wide open and breathtakingly beautiful.
Very small school you recognize everyone on campus within 3 months, classes are small, very very expensive, there is literally nothing to do in Ada other than drink. Classes are about the same difficulty as other schools.
Ohio Northern is a very prestiguous school full of opportunity. My experiences here so far have been greatly beneficial to my future already and have allowed me to start making numerous professional connections just 8 weeks into being here. The small community here makes everyone feel like family. The one-on-one time that you can get from your professors is extremely beneficial. Every professor cares about YOU succeeding. Every department is successful here and I do not know of many small town colleges that are strong in every single major. You'll even see plenty of furry creatures such as the squirrels, ducks, geese, and swans! Plus, chicken tenders from World of Wings Cafe. Nothing beats this small and diverse campus.
Great campus, always something to do at ONU. Whether it be watch a football game or visit a career fair there is something for everyone.
Ohio Northern University is a great place to grow as an individual. The academics are astounding and the majority of the professors really show they care about you. It is easy to get involved and build relationships on campus to aid your career path, and you will meet great people there. Although there is not much to do in Ada, you will build great friendships where you can find anything to do and will make fun on your own. It is an awesome experience.
I love the small class rooms and teachers being able to help students one on one. I wish there were more fun things to do on the campus
Very close-knit University. Everyone knows everyone. The professors want you to succeed and do their best to offer as many resources as possible to help you get to your goals
Overall they had great labs and a great community feel. One thing I would like to improve is the chapel because it is very small and out dated.
The Professors at Ohio Northern University really do care about every individual that walks through their doors. The campus is beautiful and has an amazing small town feel. The campus offers many opportunities for its students to grow.
I absolutely love this school. Small classes, and professors know each student and are willing to help with anything, not just that class topic
Students engage with knowledgeable and friendly professors. Everyone is very kind and the community is small and close knit. The university is known for its competitive Pharmacy program. It is also planning on breaking ground for a new Engineering building soon. The campus is picturesque with many trees. There is a lot of open space. The university has begun to make a commitment to sustainable energy and has three wind turbines at the edge of campus. The university also houses its own observatory, perfect for viewing the dark sky. Located in the village of Ada, security is never a huge issue. However, there is little to do off campus as Ada is small. Overall, the university is a great learning environment with most students graduating on time.
Ohio Northern is a great place. I love the students, atmosphere, and overall education. We really need to work on student parking though.
Ohio Northern University is a great college. After completing my first semester here I am very pleased with the college I have chosen to pursue my degree. Overall, the professors expect a lot from students but it is only because they know you can handle/accomplish it. One thing that is some what of a down side is how small the city of Ada is. The campus is big and lovely but if you want to get off of campus for a while you might have to go to a bigger city (i.e.-Findlay, Lima, etc.). This is a great college and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
I liked the school as a whole. The food was not as good as it could have been, but I like how they had holiday themes in the mac dining area. The material for pharmacy school was challenging but I pushed through it
Great school if your not a party person and you're all about academics. Very safe and quiet environment. Although campus is small and town is also small, it's very beautiful

Ohio Northern University Reviews

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