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A View From The Bridge Arthur Miller Essay Death

Essay on Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

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Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

Manliness, Hostility and Aggression are all important in "A view from the bridge" where Eddie Carbone plays the main character he is a longshoreman working on the Brooklyn docks in New York.

He tries to keep his status as "the man" in his household. He is very hostile towards Rodolfo because he thinks he is a homosexual. Marco knows Eddie feels this way about Rodolfo and is unhappy that Eddie feels this way about a member of his family. This creates aggression from Marco throughout the play and results in various conflicts between himself and Eddie in which Marco demonstrates his masculinity over Eddie this makes Eddie feel threatened and insecure.

Eddie has many different things that…show more content…

Marco challenges Eddie to lift a chair by the bottom of the leg. Eddie fails. Marco succeeds and holds the chair above Eddie's head as if he was going to hit him with it. This moment of tension between them shows Marco's hostility towards Eddie and is a warning to Eddie for him to leave Rodolfo alone.

Eddie does not approve of Rodolfo and Catherine's relationship because he does not think Rodolfo is manly enough. Eddie thinks and says "the guy ain't right" and "the guy is no good" he says these things when he is talking to Alfieri. Eddie asks Alfieri what he can do to stop
Rodolfo and Catherine getting married but when Alfieri tells him there is nothing he can do Eddie has to resort to calling the immigration bureau. This shows how threatened he feels by Marco and Rodolfo. The longshoremen and Eddie discuss Rodolfo and give him names such as" paper doll " because that is the name of the song he sings and the longshore men think he sounds like a woman.

Marco conforms to Eddie's theory of what it means to be manly by the way he works hard and looks after his family and is quite similar to
Eddie. Also when Eddie says "no-one fools Marco this gives the impression that Marco is well accomplished at dealing with complicated situations and no-one is going to mess him around. Also at the end of act one Marco challenges Eddie to lift

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Eddie Carbone in Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge Essay

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In this essay I will discuss how the view’s of Eddie Carbone, the lead role in “A View From The Bridge”, changes among the audience. I plan to go through the script and note any important scenes which I will then analyse in the audience’s perspective. A View From The
Bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1955, which was originally arranged in rhymes but later was changed. Miller has written the play in conversational Brooklynese, for example, “nuttin’” and the spelling of many words end with apostrophes. In "A View from the Bridge", Miller describes a situation in which a man is forced by his emotions to betray himself and his local society, to betray something he had believed in his whole life. The man in question is…show more content…

Eddie has an unacknowledged and obsessive love for
Catherine who is now an attractive young woman. This hidden love is the "driving force" behind Eddie throughout the play; mixed with jealousy, it is the cause of his actions leading him to his loss of control. Eddie's wife invites two Sicilian cousins, illegal immigrants, to stay at their home - a fact that must remain hidden from the immigration authorities. The elder cousin, Marco, is a strong man and is married and Eddie also initially gets along very well with him. The younger cousin, Marco's brother Rodolfo, is fair-haired, handsome and single. In Eddie's opinion, Rodolfo is effeminate.
Catherine falls in love with Rodolfo and plans to marry him, a situation that eventually causes Eddie through despair and jealousy to denounce both brothers to the Immigration authorities. This "crime" which Eddie commits cannot be forgiven in his community and the consequence is inevitably Eddie's loneliness and eventually his death at the hands of Marco.

The first time the audience sees Eddie is when he comes home from work. In the opening moments the audience learns that he works with ships, and that he has friend named Louis. As he walks into his home, he is greeted by Catherine. The first thing Eddie says to her is:
“Where you goin’ all dressed up?” [Catherine is wearing a skirt]. In the 50s, women were still

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