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Essay Topics For English 110

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English 110
College Composition I

This course is designed to introduce students to—and to help them practice—the ways that people in a university setting write, read, and think. Through readings and writing assignments, students will learn to analyze, synthesize, interpret, and evaluate ideas, information, situations, and texts. By the end of the course, students should: 

  • Use composing and reading for inquiry, learning, critical thinking, and communicating in various contexts
  • Read a diverse range of texts, attending especially to relationships between assertion and evidence, to patterns of organization, and to how these features function for different audiences and situations
  • Use strategies—such as interpretation, synthesis, response, and critique—to compose texts that integrate your ideas with those from our readings
  • Develop a writing project through multiple drafts by giving and acting on productive feedback to works in progress  
  • Reflect on the development of your composing practices and how those practices influence your writing and reading
  • Develop knowledge of linguistic structures, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling, through practice in composing and revising
  • Practice applying citation conventions systematically in your own work*

To promote these outcomes, the course will also engage students in a real, current, and on-going academic project, investigating the problems and potentials of reading, writing, rhetoric, literacy, language, and education writ large. In the process, students will have to engage in serious and sustained work, reading several academic and popular essays, writing four or five formal papers, and working through many stages of drafting and revising.  

This is an Essential Studies course and will satisfy your distribution requirement in
Communication (1). 

*These objectives are adapted from the Council of Writing Program Administrators Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition

Questions about English Composition Courses?  Contact Dr. Kim Donehower, Academic Director of Composition or Jessica Zerr, Administrative Director of Composition.

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