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Ysgol John Bright Head Teacher Personal Statement

High expectations and inspirational teaching and learning are central to my educational beliefs. Gaining skills and qualifications at school opens doors for progression in the future and I want every child to aspire to achieve at the highest level. The working world is becoming increasingly demanding and competitive and young people need to be even more prepared and qualified for future progression.

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to spend a lot of time in the school since I was appointed in February and am very grateful for the support of the staff and governors during this period. I was also really pleased to meet new Year 7 parents and their children on the transition evening. Alongside that I have been able to sit in lessons and meet some of the young people at the school. They have really impressed me with their positive attitudes; it is striking just how very proud all the member of the Ysgol John Bright community are about their school.

The school has a very strong platform with which it can continue to improve. The Estyn judgement last November was very positive and results this summer have continued the trend of improvement so there is much to celebrate.

On a personal note, over the summer I have relocated over to North Wales and my youngest daughter has started at her local secondary school in Anglesey. As a parent of four children I am very aware of the challenges faced by both young people and their parent or carers. I will do everything I can to support all members of the school community during their time at the school.

I will be inviting parents to come into school and offer views on what needs to be done to help the school become truly exceptional. From my perspective, the objective will simply be to listen and provide you with the opportunity to have some input into setting the priorities for the school over the next few years. If you are unable to attend, but would like to offer your opinions, please feel free drop me a line instead. I am eager to hear from as many parents and carers as possible this term.

Over the next few months I shall be spending time in lessons, getting to know the staff, young people and members of the local community. I have already met all of the students on the first day of term, during a series of assemblies. I would really like to meet and speak to as many of you as I can, either at parents’ evenings or other school events, so do come over and say hello!

I look forward to working productively in partnership with you over the coming months and years.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Ann Webb

Ysgol Bodfari, Denbighshire

SILVER award winner

"Her confidence began to grow and she began to settle down to work independently in maths lessons"

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Ysgol Mair Catholic Primary School, Denbighshire

BRONZE award winner

"I like reading now and like to read in front of the whole class when I can."

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Ysgol Caer Drewyn, Denbighshire

BRONZE award winner

"I liked seeing my reading get better and the feelings I had when I saw how good I was getting."

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Ysgol Bro Famau, Denbighshire

BRONZE award winner

"I have enjoyed Catch Up because I am a better, quicker reader now"

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Ysgol Melyd, Denbighshire

BRONZE award winner

"After Catch Up he said he enjoyed reading, 'a lot' and that reading, 'is good fun and a nice thing to do"

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Ysgol Clocaenog - Efydd enillydd gwobr, Denbighshire

BRONZE award winner

"Ar ol gwneud cynnydd yn y rhaglen, bydd y plentyn yn cael tystysgrif a bydd yn derbyn hwn yn ystod y gwasanaeth."

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