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Tiberium Alliances Guide Research Paper

The MCV is the unit that allows the player to create another base.

The first base is gifted to you but from then on you will need to spend Research Points and Credits on researching ever more expensive MCV's to build additional Bases.

You can find the MCV under the "Special" tab on the Research Menu.

The MCV is expensive and while Tiberium and Crystals gathered on each base is solely available to the base they are mined on (though they can be transfered at the cost of Credits) Credits earned from battles and Refinerys are shared across all bases.

Placing a New Base

Once researched the MCV button appears on the Base view and once clicked allows you to found a new base on the Region Map within 20.5 spaces of an exisitng base.

Your bases both show up highlighted in teal and for the first few hours afrer placement the base is protected under a shield allowing you time to gather resources and upgrade before you become vunerable to attack.

Initial Resources

The initial resources after founding a new base can be found in the Arsenal section of the game, bottom right corner. Please keep in mind that using that feature, MCV number one will actually be your second base.

Old Economy Costs


Research Points

1 2,000,000 2,200,000
2 20,880,000 28,780,000
3 44,000,000 60,000,000
4 80,100,000 128,441,000
5 172,840,000 277,650,000
6 364,416,000 578,524,000
7 620,970,000 975,000,000
8 780,000,000 1,260,000,000
9 960,000,000 1,584,000,000
10 1,328,000,000 2,206,000,000
11 1,925,000,000 3,183,000,000
12 2,784,000,000 4,556,000,000
13 3,812,000,000 6,196,000,000
14 5,372,000,000 8,696,000,000
15 7,607,000,000 12,213,000,000
16 10,707,000,000 17,005,000,000
17 15,000,000,000 23,750,000,000
18 21,000,000,000 32,854,000,000
19 30,000,000,000 45,609,000,000
20 42,000,000,000 62,820,000,000
21 80,000,000,000 120,000,000,000
22 160,000,000,000 240,000,000,000
23 - -

New Economy Costs


Research Points

1 Free Free
2 1,400,000 1,800,000
3 9,500,000 12,000,000
4 44,000,000 60,000,000
5 170,000,000 250,000,000
6 750.000.000
7 2.670.000.000 3.900.000.000


9,800,000,000 14,800,000,000
9 35,000,000,000 52,000,000,000
10 124,000,000,000 184,000,000,000
11 315,000,000,000 530,000,000,000
12 600,000,000,000 1,000,000,000,000
13 1,200,000,000,000 2,000,000,000,000
14 2,400,000,000,000 4,000,000,000,000


5,000,000,000,000 8,000,000,000,000
16 12,000,000,000,000 16,000,000,000,000

How do I get resources?

You can get resources by building structures that generate resources, by doing battle, by completing missions, or by using supply crates.

Which buildings produce which resources?

To get tiberium, build a harvester on a tiberium field (green). To get crystals, build a harvester on a crystal field (blue). To get power, build a power plant. To get credits, build a refinery. There is no building to generate research points.

Which resources are available through combat?

You can obtain tiberium, crystals, credits and research points through combat. Power cannot be obtained through combat directly. (You could get a supply crate containing power through combat, see below). The amount of resources you get through combat are scaled with the base level, destroying more difficult bases awards more resources.

Which resources are available using supply crates?

There are supply crates for tiberium, for crystal, for power and for credits. You can activate any crate using the specified number of supply points (which regenerate over time). The resources are added to your currently selected base (except credits, which are shared across bases, see below). You can also click the "+" button adjacent to a resource as a shortcut to activate a supply crate in your current base. Research points are not available through supply crates.

Are resources shared between bases?

Tiberium and crystal are not shared between bases, but can be transferred between bases (at the cost of credits). Power is not shared between bases, and cannot be transferred. Credits and research are shared between bases, and can be used anywhere.

How do I get supply crates?

Some Forgotten camps, outposts or bases contain a supply crate. You will receive the supply crate by destroying the building marked with the supply crate icon in the base. The type of crate you receive is random. Additionally, you can receive supply crates through missions, or by visiting the shop. To see the crates currently in your possession, use the "Inventory" button on the top menu bar.

What can I do with which resource?

You can use tiberium to build structures in your base, as well as some defensive structures. You can use crystal to build units (both offensive and defensive). Power is required for the building of higher levels of all buildings and units. Credits can be used to transfer resources between bases, as well as unlock units and structures in conjunction with research points.

What is a production bonus?

Some structures in your base can generate periodic batches of extra resources if they are placed adjacent to other buildings; these are called a production bonus.

How do I get a production bonus?

To get a production bonus on a harvester, build an adjacent silo. To get a production bonus on a power plant, build an adjacent accumulator. To get a production bonus on a refinery, build an adjacent power plant.

When do I get a production bonus?

If you have a building that qualifies for a production bonus (see above), that building will periodically generate a bonus package. The bonus amount depends on the level of the production building. The length of the period depends on the number and level of the adjacent support buildings. When a bonus package is available, you can see its yellow icon in your base. Simply clicking on the package collects the resources, which will be immediately added to your balance.

What if I don't pick up bonus package?

Every production building can generate up to two bonus packages. When two packages are ready, the building will stop producing bonus packages until you collect them.

What is a production speed boost?

A production speed boost allows some production buildings to generate resources faster. This is separate from the bonus production system.

How do I get a production speed boost?

You get a 25% speed boost for every crystal field adjacent to a power plant. You get a 25% speed boost for every tiberium field adjacent to a refinery. The maximum speed boost is 100% (thus, 4 fields). The field does not need to have a harvester on it to receive the production speed boost (but that is still allowed)

How do I change my password / reset forgotten password?

All the EA sites use the same login details, if you try using different details on different EA sites then conflicts can occur, the best way to change the password is to go to the central EA site at http://profile.ea.com and change it there. There should be a forgotten password link on the page if you have forgotten your old password that will allow you to specify your email address to be able to set up a new one.

You should then be able to login to any EA site with the email and password you have set up there, occasionally it may not update for all the individual sites immediately in which case you should change the password on the individual site to match the one that you have set up at http://profile.ea.com.

If you forgotten your password, click here to reset.

How to purchase Funds?

You may purchase TA Funds to increase game progress through the Tiberium Alliances Funds Store. The Store is accessible in game by clicking the “Add Funds” button located in the left Sidebar to get forwarded to the TA Funds Shop.

Trouble with your payment?

If you encounter any payment issues while making purchases for CCTA please visit the links below for more information.

If you continue to have any payment Issues, please contact Customer Support.http://help.ea.com
In order for us to easily identify your issue, please provide the following information to the Customer Support team:

  • Origin Account (email)
  • MSISDN (mobile number) or Billing type.
  • IP / Location.
  • Offer attempted to purchase
  • Time of the attempt
  • Message errors received (screenshots)
  • Description of the experience (screenshots)

Paysafecard PIN top-up limits

Due to local and/or regional anti money laundering regulations, Paysafecard have instated a series of transaction limitations.
End customers who are trying to use multiple PINs exceeding these limits will be informed on the payment panel with the following message: 'A paysafecard payment greater than [limit per chosen currency] is not possible with the PINs entered. Enjoy the higher limits offered by a my paysafecard account. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up free for one now.'
Germany users be advised: the limit for DE is the lowest: 30 Euro - https://www.paysafecard.com/en/corporate/blog/detail/my-paysafecard-is-now-live-in-germany/
Paysafecard’s full list of local transaction limits can be found here:

How to report a Bug in Tiberium Alliances?

All bug reports should be reported through the Official Tiberium Alliance Bug Report Forums. Before reporting a bug, please take a few moments to search through the forums to see if your issue has already been reported.

How to report another Player for bad language?

You're able to report other Players in the game for bad behavior and bad language by opening the User Profile of the specific User select the General Tab and click the “Report player” button. A new Window is showing up with several report options and a customizable text window for more detailed information about the threat.

Supported Browsers:

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances officially supports; Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome, other browsers may work as well, but for a best as possible game experience we recommend to use one of the supported browsers listed above.

I am facing low frames and connection issues while playing Tiberium Alliances.

When facing performance issues while using one of the supported browsers, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. You will find further Animation and Effect settings in the game options to adjust video settings and performance.

How to activate WebGL?

Open the Game options located in the lower right corner of your browser while in the game. Scroll down on the first Tab “Audio/Video and mark the checkbox at: Use WebGL.

Please note, WebGL hardware acceleration is still in an experimental mode and not fully supported by every browser.

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