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Aone Essays Review

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Assess your leadership skills

The AONE Nurse Leader Competency Assessment Tool is a powerful self-development instrument. Through the assessment you can evaluate your skills, knowledge and abilities for the nurse manager and nurse executive roles. The simple exercise of rating yourself and asking others to rate you provides tremendous insight on hidden strengths, blind spots and areas for development.

After completing the assessment, you will receive a pdf report that scores leadership domains and individual competencies, categorizes your highest and lowest rated items and shows variations between your supervisor’s and your self-assessment.

The assessment and standard report are available to all nurse leaders. If you or your organization is interested in customized group reporting, please contact AONE.

Take the self-assessment

Take the 180-assessment

Sample report

If you have any questions about the AONE competencies assessment, visit our Assessment FAQ or contact AONE@aha.org.

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