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Cancer Council Essay Competition

Abstract: Cancer, though defined simply as the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells,1 is one of today's most complex and significant global health burdens, accounting for approximately 1 in 7 deaths worldwide. This accessibility has fuelled a powerful and effective drive for research into cancer control over a long period of time, and hence an ever-transforming landscape of oncology. Research has been the single greatest catalyst for positive change within oncology, manipulating the field as it empowers us with greater understanding and more effective methods of cancer control.

To cite this article: Dubash, Roxanne. Cancer Council Australia student essay competition - research and the changing landscape of oncology: The journey of cancer control [online]. Cancer Forum, Vol. 39, No. 3, Nov 2015: 212-216. Availability: <https://search.informit.com.au/documentSummary;dn=790452036665430;res=IELHEA> ISSN: 0311-306X. [cited 11 Mar 18].

Teen Essay Contest

Please fill out this Teen Essay Contest Entry Form 2018 and submit to Christina.

2017 It’s Always Something Teen Essay Contests Winners!

We are so proud to sharing the touching stories of all the entries from the contest. We hope you enjoy the essays of these amazing teenagers.

Middle School

1st place Amouri Tomlin – Stranded – Drexel Hill Middle School in the Upper Darby School District

2nd place Hannah White – Dear Dumb Cancer and the Silver Lining – Greenfield Elementary School in the School District of Philadelphia

3rd place Marco Barila – Don’t Worry Mommy, I will be your Crutches – Cooper Beech Elementary in the Abington School District


High School

1st place – Jennifer Guo – A Long Battle – Council Rock High School South

2nd prize – Allyson Rychlak – Three – Central Bucks High School South

3rd prize – Brooke Kelly – An Unexpected Passenger – The Episcopal Academy


All other entries:

Cancer Genetics Lifestyles and Mood by Sarah L

Cancer The Destroyer of Families by John S

Dark Days Brighter Futures by Daniel W

I Miss You by Lillian D

Daves Journey by Ashley H

I’m Doing Okay by Jina L

Just for Jen by Colin F

Nanybird by Austin R

Keep On Keppin’ On by Collin B

My Best Friends Fight by Melina R

No More by Tori B

Paint by Madeline C

The Impact of Cancer by Davib B

The Journey by Ashley B

We are Stronger than Cancer by Matteo B

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