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Persuasive Essay Obesity Children

List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics About Childhood Obesity

The issue of childhood obesity is one that crops up on daily basis, both in developed and in developing countries. If you have been asked to write an argumentative essay about this topic, it is important that you find out as much as possible before you start the actual writing. Being overweight is a serious issue and has a lot of issues waiting to be addressed. Before you can make a meaningful contribution to the argument, you first have to choose a topic. This seems to be where you get stuck but not to worry, this article contains unique topics that you can choose from for your argumentative essay about childhood obesity. These topics include the following:

  • Are parents contributing to their children being overweight?

  • What are the major contributory factors to childhood obesity?

  • Children can help themselves towards avoiding childhood obesity

  • Overweight can be influenced by a family’s genetics

  • A child’s environment contributes to childhood obesity

  • There is a relationship between food and excess weight gain

  • Do calories play a significant role in excess weight gain in children?

  • Planned-meal diets – Do they help in controlling childhood obesity?

  • Maintaining a good exercise routine can help a child stay obese free

  • Low carbohydrate diets are the best option in preventing childhood obesity

  • Should obese prone children be forced to live on calorie-counting diets?

  • Are vegetarian diets the best option for obese children?

  • Should gluten-free diets be made compulsory for children?

  • Does sugar play a huge role in excessive weight gain in children?

  • Should school vending machines only sell health-friendly snacks and sodas?

  • What are the safest methods to help obese children lose excess weight gain?

  • Intermittent fasting helps keep young children from becoming obese

  • Can over-weight children be positively influenced by weight-loss TV shows like “The Biggest Loser”?

  • The healthcare costs of obese children are more expensive than normal weight children

  • Is it safe for obese children to undergo surgery to help them lose weight?

These are some of the unique argumentative essay topics about childhood obesity that you can write on. In order to make sure that your paper is very interesting, you should engage in adequate research. Make sure that the information or materials you use are only from reputable sources, including statistics. Now that you no longer have any excuse in the form of lack of topic, it is time to sit down and start working on your essay about childhood obesity.

There are several problems that are unique to a developed country like America. While one out of three people in the country are obese, the problem is all the more felt and understood when you are in tune with the realities of the time. As one of the most influential people that make or break economic affairs in the rest of the world, Americans are not well served by the kind of a state-funded healthcare system that is present in the UK.

Since there are some serious health problems in the world and child obesity is one of them, you may be asked to write an academic essay on the same.

  • Why is child obesity such a big issue?
  • There are some really complicated issues which are linked to children and obesity is one of them. If a child is obese, it may naturally suffer from several other health complications and this can make the child very sick in a very short while. This could be substantiated with the level of dropping intelligence and the ever rising number of “slow” children in the world.

  • What steps are being taken?
  • When the complications of a state are so far reaching, it is only natural that something or the other will be done to counter the situation. Actually, a lot has been done to counter the menace of child obesity and counter the casual image that parents have of their children.

    There are some people that make the most of the available knowledge and this is one of the major reasons obesity is spreading even further.

  • Is the awareness enough?
  • There are several people that believe the awareness level among parents and children is just not enough to counter the menace of child obesity. Actually a lot more needs to be done if we are to deal with the situation positively.

  • The need for sport and health awareness
  • There are several measures to counter child obesity and the need of sporting activities and fitness sessions should be highlighted very well both to children and to their parents. If the parents are obese as well, they may engage in fitness sessions along with their parents. This creates the timeline and differences that we look for.

  • Why are we not talking food wastage?
  • One of the things that get diluted in the entire debate about obesity is the amount of food that gets wasted in the process. You should make a note of this as well when creating an essay on the subject.

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