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Tesco Case Study Times 100 Gala

Anyone who struggles to drag themselves to the supermarket for a weekly 'big shop' should spare a thought for the employees tasked with manning the shop floor on a daily basis.   

Tesco workers have come forward to reveal what it's really like to work for one of the UK's most popular supermarkets.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, anonymous Tesco employees spilled the beans on the worst aspects of the job - from avoiding the 'boring' shifts on the till to grumbling over customers who 'graze' as they shop.  

One revealed how, while they don't want to escort you to the location of a particular product you're struggling to find, they're obliged to, while another revealed they were urged to make small talk about the weather while scanning customers' items.

Revealed: Tesco employees have revealed what it's really like to work in one of its store

One said: 'When you ask us to check the storeroom for something, we don't actually look. Or if we do we also take a little break in the back.'

Another surprising admission came from an anonymous employee who said staff were urged to make conversation about the weather if they're struggling to think of small talk when serving customers at the till. 

Workers are advised to make conversation about the weather if they can't think of what to say to customers when they're on the tills.

They also said that this was the most boring part of the job, as they say they have to 'pretend you don't hate' speaking to customers.

One said that customers make a mess in the stores and don't care that employees have to clear it up

The employees also shed some light on the downsides of dealing with people doing their shopping, and confessed to witnessing some very bad behaviour. 

One said customers will often eat the food while walking around the store without buying it, and don't worry about the mess they make.

They said: 'Customers literally don't care that we have to clean up any mess they make.

'But the worst are the ones who graze as they shop. Picking at French sticks and eating half a bag of grapes before you get to the till. We see you.'

They also revealed that customers will eat the food around the stores before paying for it

Many were also tired of the conversations they'd had with shoppers, particularly when they would all make similar jokes.

A lot of customers would jokingly ask if their groceries were free if they didn't scan properly. 

MailOnline has contacted representatives Tesco and is awaiting comment. 

Customers would make the same cheesy jokers to the employees on the tills, including asking if their groceries were free if they didn't scan

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Page 1: Introduction

Tesco is a customer-orientated business. It aims to offer products that provide value for money for its customers and to deliver high-quality service. Tesco wants to attract new customers, but it also wants to keep its existing customers happy. Building customer loyalty is a cost-effective strategy to grow the business. This is because satisfied customers are a good advert for the business.

Tesco has more than a 30% market share of the UK grocery market, nearly double that of its nearest rival. In its 2009/2010 financial year, Tesco earned revenues of £38.6 billion in the UK and employed more than 280,000 people. To keep at the top of its game and to maintain its number one spot in the market, the company needs skilled staff at all levels and in all roles.

Roles in Tesco

Roles in Tesco range from business development, supply chain management and marketing to finance, store operations and personnel management. Each area of expertise requires leadership and management skills. Tesco aims to develop the leadership qualities of its people throughout the organisation, from administrators and customer assistants to the board of directors. It adopts a similar approach to leadership development for staff at all levels. This is in line with Tesco’s employment philosophy: ‘We believe in treating each other with respect, with everyone having an equal opportunity to get on, ensuring Tesco is a great place to work.’

This case study will show how Tesco’s leadership framework is fundamental to developing the qualities of leadership needed at every level in the business.

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