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Human Resources Cover Letter With Salary Requirements Resume

Disclosing Salary Requirements/History

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Disclosing Salary Requirements and Salary History

Many job postings ask you to include your salary history or your salary requirements when applying for the position. First of all, if the ad doesn't mention it, don't offer any salary information. If at all possible, you want the prospective employer to bring up the issue of compensation first.

Employers request salary information for various reasons. If your salary is too high, they can screen you out because they don't want to pay that much or because they think you won't be happy working for less money. If your current salary is lower than the company was planning to pay, they may offer you a lower salary.

Including Salary History

If you are asked to include your salary history with your resume, you could ignore the request, but, that means you could risk not getting an interview.

There is nothing employers like less than candidates who don't follow directions. An alternative would be to include a salary range on past jobs rather than a specific amount. If you do include your salary history, be honest. It's easy for potential employers to verify your salary with previous employers. Do this as an attachment to the resume. A salary history can be listed on a separate page and enclosed with your resume and cover letter. Click here to view a example of a salary history.


you can address them in your cover letter. Click here to view a cover letter that has the salary history listed. Employers request salary histories and/or requirements to help them determine if there is a fit monetarily.

If you're fairly certain that your salary history matches well with an organization's expectations and compensation structure, you can include this in your cover letter. If you are uncertain that your salary history or requirements are a close match, use language in your cover letter to the effect that, with regard to salary, you are sure the employer has a fair compensation program, and that your primary interest is in this company and opportunity.

Salary Requirements

When salary requirements are requested, you have a little more flexibility.

  • One option is to state that your salary requirements are negotiable based upon the position and the overall total compensation package, including benefits.
  • Another alternative is to include a range, based on the salary research you've done, i.e. my salary requirement is in the $30,000 - $40,000 range.

Either way, note that your salary requirements are flexible. That may help keep you in the running for the position and will give you some flexibility when negotiating compensation later on.

  • Salary requirements can be addressed in either the cover letter or on a separate attachment.

Salary requirements can be included in your cover letter with sentences such as "My salary requirement is negotiable based upon the job responsibilities and the total compensation package." or "My salary requirement is in the $25,000 - $35,000+ range."

*Do not include your salary history or salary requirements in your resume.

Stating a Salary Range

When stating a salary range, it's important to make make sure that the range is realistic. Do this by carefully researching what the position is worth. Use salary surveys to determine the average salary for the position you are interviewing for, or for a similar position if you can't find information on the exact job title you're looking for. When the position is in a different location, use salary calculators to factor in cost-of-living expenses and to estimate what you should be paid. There are a variety of salary surveys and cost of living calculators , including industry-specific and geographic resources, available online.

  • Additional salary information, click here.

HR Specialist Cover Letter

HR Specialists manage the workforce of an organization. Their areas of responsibility include recruitment, job placement, terminations, labor relations, payroll, and implementing company policies. Specific job duties of a HR Specialist are assessing employment needs, identifying applicant requirements, finding qualified candidates, organizing interviews, managing worker relocations, processing paperwork for new employees, adhering to labor legislation, administering payroll, and optimizing recruitment processes.

Those interested in a HR Specialist career should be able to demonstrate the following skills and qualifications throughout their cover letters:

  • Human resources expertise
  • Managerial skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities
  • Confidentiality and diplomacy
  • Being able to work under pressure

Below is provided an example cover letter highlighting comparable HR Specialist assets.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive HR Specialist Resume Samples.

Dear Ms. Stevenson:

As a skilled human resources professional with expertise in recruiting and training staff, overseeing benefits administration, and managing employee relations, I am pleased to present the enclosed resume. I am confident that you will find my dedication and enthusiastic attitude to be of value to your organization as your next HR Specialist.

My experience in human resources operations—including interviewing and hiring employees, coordinating benefits, and processing insurance/disability claims—has prepared me to make a significant contribution to The Rosebud Corporation. Currently I coordinate all aspects of HR functions for Pivotal Publishing, and I have made significant contributions to maximizing employee performance levels through innovative and effective processes and programs.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Driving a full spectrum of human resources functions, including talent acquisition, orientations, benefits, compensation structuring, and process redesigns to generate streamlined and efficient operations and achieve organizational objectives.
  • Establishing solid and trusting relationships through exceptional communication skills; utilizing superior organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills to propel programs and teams to peak results.
  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management; currently pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Human Resources (expected 2017).
  • Managing payroll coordination, employee attendance, performance reviews, and staff records maintenance while ensuring compliance with corporate and legal policies and procedures.
  • Attaining comprehensive expertise in a wide variety of benefits, insurance, and disability claims processes.

With my finely honed skills in recruiting, communication, and organization, accompanied by my core strengths in human resources and benefits administration, I am well positioned to vastly exceed your expectations as your next HR Specialist. It will be a pleasure to offer more insight into my qualifications, and I look forward to meeting with you soon; thank you for your consideration.


Gregory M. Ash

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