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Smu Student Login Edunxt Internal Assignment

SMUDE provides all students with online student services to enable you to stay connected, informed and study well. This message is to tell you how to access the online student services SMUDE provides.

You will need your Roll No and Password to login to these online student services. Your Roll No and Password was sent to you by email when your enrolment was confirmed. If you have forgotten your Password, you can reset it by clicking the "Forgot Password" button at the bottom of the MyZone Login page, which can be accessed at http://myzone.smude.edu.in

The online student services that SMUDE provides and the way to access them is described below.


TO ACCESS MYZONE, type the URL http://myzone.smude.edu.in and login with your Roll No and Password.

When you log in, you will see tabs at the top of the screen for Admissions, Profile Update, Re-sitting, Fee Receipt and Helpdesk. Click these tabs to do each of these activities. You can re-register for a subject/course, get an LC transfer, change your specialization or see your fee receipts using MYZONE.


TO ACCESS EduNxt, type the URL http://edunxt.smude.edu.in and login with your Roll No and Password.

When you log in, click the tiles to do different activities. EduNxt contains Announcements, Course Books (SLM PDF’s), Lecture Videos, Practice Quizzes, Internal Assignments and Ask (a doubt clarification forum).

EduNxt Mobile App

TO DOWNLOAD the EduNxt Mobile App, search for SMUDE on Google Play, Windows Phone Store or the Apple App Store. EduNxt Mobile App contains Announcements, Course Books (SLM PDF’s), Lecture Videos, and Practice Quizzes.


TO ACCESS OEBS, type the URL www.smuoebs.com and login with your Roll No. OEBS allows students to choose the date, time slot and exam center from the available dates, time slots and exam centers when they want to attempt their exams. The OEBS service is open for booking exam slots only during exam time. An announcement is sent by email to all students just before OEBS is opened for bookings. 

Student Helpdesk

The Student Helpdesk is available for students to ask the University for help on any problem they are facing. You can send your questions or clarifications to the Student Helpdesk by logging in to

o   MyZone and clicking the tab titled Helpdesk

o   EduNxt and clicking the menu titled Helpdesk at the top of the screen

o   EduNxt Mobile App and tapping the menu titled Helpdesk on the home screen

You can also email the Student Helpdesk at email id smuhelpdesk@smudde.edu.in (please mention your Roll No in the email) or call on our toll free help desk number from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST at 1800-266-7777

Wishing you the very best ! 

EduNxt is a Learning Management System developed and owned by Manipal Global Education Services Pvt. Ltd. The first version of EduNxt was launched in 2009. Over the last 5 years, the LMS has come a long way and is becoming the de-facto platform for supporting all the key activities in teaching and learning. From being just an additional tool used in distance education to being the one-stop shop for all of a learner’s needs, be it a lecture by the faculty inside your classroom, a training session with participants from across the globe or a massive community exchanging knowledge and ideas through an open online course, EduNxt provides each of its clients with a unique yet simple solution.

EduNxt is flexible, scalable, reliable and most importantly easy-to-use. The greatest challenge that any learner faces today, especially in distance education, is not “what to learn” but “how to learn effectively”. Over the past 2 years, the system has been completely revamped with only one goal in mind – a great user experience. Towards this goal, we have worked on every aspect of the learning process including, but not limited to, content, communication and assessments.


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