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Comparing Advertisements Essay

A Comparison of Two Advertisements Essay examples

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

Advertising is a way of publicizing a product that you want to sell. There are many of different things to advertise, such as clothes, shoes, cars, watches etc. Advertising promotes the latest goods that are out in the shops. Advertising effects me everyday because every time I see a advertisement it attracts me to the product and I think about buying it or saving up to buy it.

In this assignment, I will be talking about two different car advertisements; one car advertisement, the Fiat Stilo advert comes from FHM magazine, a publication aimed at young men aged sixteen and over. The other car, the Rover Streetwise advert comes from the Radio Times which is…show more content…

The Rover streetwise advert has pictures of daily life things such as coffee, donuts, a football, children’s Wellingtons boots and a shopping trolley with groceries inside the trolley. This indicates that the car is a family car and is aimed at married women mainly but can also be used by a family man to drive to and from work. The slogan for the advert “shrugs of life’s little challenges” is related to the pictures for example the child’s muddy Wellington boot. The donut would represent the father who is hungry on the way home or to work, the shopping trolley would represent that the car is useful for a family shopping spree. The advert also uses the word ‘Bump’ which is saying that even if a heavy load is in the car it can still go over speed bumps. I like the way the advert creates an image of characters in the readers mind, although you cannot see a physical person (image) but the pictures imply their existence. For example, like when I saw the picture of the Wellingtons, an image of a little boy was the first thing I thought of. The advert tells stories of different family lives because each picture relates to many things in everyday life. I wouldn’t buy this car because it’s Rover, and I don’t like rovers I don’t think they are good quality cars. However the way this car is designed is nice, it is an attractive car and I wouldn’t mind driving it. I appreciate this

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

The Oxford dictionary definition of ‘advertise’ is: “To promote (goods or services) publicly to increase sales.” But is it more than that? I think that the meaning of advertising is forever changing, as the consumer becomes more demanding and the producer becomes more ‘devious’ in the ways they promote the product they are trying to sell. Now, I believe that advertising means: trying to sell products to people whether or not they set out to buy them in the first place. I think that advertising often glorifies the product so people are almost ‘tricked’ into buying it, thinking that they are buying much more than they actually are.
Advertising is the most successful way of selling a product, mainly…show more content…

However, the subject of the advert is safety, so it would fit in with the theme of more professional people reading the Times, wanting a safe car to drive. The Alfa advert fits in well with the paper it is in, the ‘Magazine’ because it is more of a car for younger people, with the heading ‘Life support machine’. It makes younger people think that this could be the car that they not just like, but NEED, to get on with life in style. Different companies advertise in different magazines because each magazine has a different audience.
The two adverts I picked are both car adverts. I got them both from sections in the Sunday times, Citroen from the main paper and Alfa from the ‘Magazine’ section. My first impression of the Alfa advert was that the car was a top class, luxury car. I got this from the rich red colouring used as the background, and the mixture of three ‘rich’ colours, black, red and silver. The Citroen advert seemed to be a more ‘fun’ advert, but when you looked properly, it was showing the image of safety. This is why I think it was in the main paper of the Sunday Times, because it was a safe car, and that is the paper that people who are slightly older read, and who want probably not a sports car, but a nice, safe saloon car.
The copy of the Citroen accentuates the safety of the car, by using lots of ‘jargon’, such as ‘New, more powerful, 1.6i and 2.0i 16V petrol engines and… 2.0 HDi diesel…’ I can’t understand it all, but the

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