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Essay On Nagarkot


Nagarkot, Nepal

At an elevation of 2,195 meters, Nagarkot, Nepal is considered one of the most scenic places in Nepal. Nagarkot is where I first marveled at breathtaking views of the Himalayas and where I excitedly awoke before dawn to capture postcard-perfect scenes.

The morning of my second day in Nagarkot, I decided to stay behind from the rest of the group to explore on my own. I really had no idea where I was or where I was going, but it didn’t matter.

The atmosphere was filled with a thick mist on this particular morning and as I stood on top of a mountain near my hotel, overlooking rice fields and small villages, I couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful.

I spent a good hour here just taking photos and soaking it all in. It was peaceful with nobody around except a local dog who I had designated to be my friend for the day.

As the morning mist began to part, I captured this scene of a bright red, brick house overlooking the rice fields.


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Christy Woodrow

Christy Woodrow is a travel photographer and professional blogger based in San Diego. She has been traveling around the world with her partner in crime, Scott, since 2006. Join them in their quest to find off-the-beaten-path destinations by signing up for weekly emails and following her on Instagram.

Just 28 km from the main Kathmandu city, Nagarkot forms the North Eastern fringe of the Kathmandu valley. Driving further ahead of the Bhaktapur road, the city life is left far behind, the landscape fills in most of the space in the horizon and scene changes completely. Nagarkot hills offer a spell-binding view of the Himalayas, immersing you into its serendipity.

Reaching Nagarkot

For reaching Nagarkot, you need to travel beyond Bhaktapur temple further for another one hour. The distance although is not much, but some patches of the climb have bad roads, which might make the climb a little tiring.

Driving on the outskirts of Kathmandu, the route to Nagarkot hills is a scenic road trip that takes you through several small villages, blankets of yellow mustard fields with flowers swaying with the winds, and towering dense pine trees along the ridges, that literally prevent the sun rays from penetrating as you climb up.

Occasionally, you will find children playing with rubber tires, their only source of entertainment in the hills; they would pursue howling and screaming every single vehicle passing through their village, filling the surrounding with cheer.

What to Expect from your road trip

Once you reach here, you will first encounter the entry point gate to the view point. The entry passes cost about NPR 250 per person which was surprisingly higher than the other view points that we visited here. It is good to notice that development has reached to these smaller pockets of the country, where both electricity and mobile phone signals were working seamlessly, although one trip might not give out the whole picture.

The Infinite Himalayan Skyline

The entry point to the Nagarkot hills has a pedestrian climb, from the entrance, that takes you up to the viewpoint. After a gentle climb of few stairs, you come across a view point from where the entire Kathmandu valley surrounds you.

It only gets beautiful from here on. Misty clouds fill up the deep valleys in front and a thin layer of white clouds fills up the gaps in between. At the view point, a small watch tower is placed at the center of the hill. All you need to do is, just summon up a little more energy and climb up the tower. If you don’t you will miss the view of your life!!

I decided to do that. And I guess I was not wrong. Standing here, the breeze was strong, yet the view was much more amazing. The white snow capped Everest glanced back at me, from a distance. For a moment, it felt I am looking at a canvas painting, every brush of which felt like a ‘master-stroke’.

While you are here, there is enough space for you to sit down and let the kids move around. Best, hand them over the camera for some time and what they come up with is sometimes much more unimaginable. Such as this picture below.

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