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Technician It Cv Personal Statement

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No matter what type of technology job you’re looking for or your IT career level—entry, mid-level, or experienced—we have nearly three dozen free technology resume samples that can help guide you when you’re writing or updating your IT resume. Check them out here:

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Your technician resume will highlight your abilities in the various technological and engineering areas. Of course a technician may work across a vast range of industries and your resume should be specific to your particular area of the trade. Your skills, experience and qualifications will naturally be an important focus of your resume. However, other qualities matter to hiring managers and examples of past achievements which reflect improvements or benefits that you have contributed will be viewed very favorably. In addition your people skills such as communication with others and problem solving and initiative are the abilities also most wanted by managers. The sample resumes give you a format and will guide you along in the completion process. After completing your contact information and listing your personal details you need to provide an overview of your experience, qualifications and attributes in a short and specific summary of your goals. This goes is in the important section for the objective statement.


Make this as well worded and notable as you can. An example statement for a technician resume can be modeled on the following example: “to use my extensive experience in electronics to work with video and audio equipment and digital processors”.


Let the hiring manager know about all the experience you have which is relevant to the advertised job in this part. Put the most impressive and tightly related knowledge and experience first. You need to create the impression that you have all the required attributes for that position. Technical experience will vary widely from industry to industry so keep focused on the job requirements that are listed. Try to highlight areas that show your abilities in solving problems with technical issues and using prompt measures to fix them. How well you communicate in the workplace and if you are flexible in changing and challenging situations are other features that are especially valued. By giving examples of any of these things your resume will have a much better chance of being selected to follow up on.


Your qualifications and credentials are listed in the next section and any specialist on the job training which has given you added knowledge and expertise should be mentioned.

Additional Information

This may include awards that you have received, professional associations and licenses that you hold. Extra skills in languages or computing are examples. If you can use some keywords which relate to the job application regularly in your resume it will be more easily found when employers and companies search online to hire staff. Technician resumes need to include specific words and phrases which apply to the particular industry and can be found in job descriptions in newspapers, journals and online.

Technician Sample Resumes

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