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Research Paper About Gangs

Research Paper on Gang Violence

Gang Violence is becoming more and more of a problem every day in America. More teens are being pressured into joining gangs than ever before. Now gangs are getting new members from middle and junior high schools, even from elementary schools. Gangs are becoming a big problem not only to the people they kill, but to families and friends. They hurt their own families as well as others. Innocent people become victims to gang violence, just so that the members can get a laugh. They do not care what they are doing to the persons family.

Gangs are terrible because not only because they kill people, but they destroy homes, intimidate teens into joining their gangs, innocent people become victims, and even the gangs members are in danger because they get killed if they try to get out because they know too much information on what the gang has done.


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Gangs are becoming more common each and every day and new gangs are being introduced into the world. In Shelby County Tennessee alone, there are approximately 125 known gangs and approximately 10,00 known gang members. This number needs to be decreased because it is ruining our country because the people around the gangs live in fear for their families safety and their lives. Anybody can be a random target for gangs so therefore nobody is safe in this world. Gangs also cause an increase in the juvenile crime rate. Gang members often but aside their education because it interferes with the gangs objectives. Those gang members who are not killed usually began to abuse alcohol and drugs. They also develop police records that limit their chances of a good job in the future.

People join gangs because they feel that it gives them some sort of identity. Being part of a gang causes the member to achieve a certain status that is not available outside of the gang.

Another reason why people join gangs is because they live in a gang area and can be targeted by other gangs. They feel that if they join a gangs they will have some type of support if they are attacked by a rival gang. Some people are forced to join gangs by being intimidated because the members feel it will help their criminal activity. Others join just so they can intimidate others not involved in a gang.

Gangs try to start a confrontation with rival gangs in parks or at parties and the result of the violence usually claims innocent victims. Gangs also vandalize property in the form of graffiti and the destruction of public and private property. This decreases property value in residential neighborhoods and has a negative effect on industrial and commercial areas. Gangs find violence funny and feel that partying, getting high, and robbing people is fun. The crime that is usually committed by gangs is drive-by shootings. They look for the homes, vehicles, or places where a rival gang stays and shoot and at the members of the gang using a variety of weapons.

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Alana ParentiEnglish Composition IIResearch Paper “Impact of Gangs on Society”As stated on the National Institute of Justice e!site" the state definition for “gang” is an organi#ed" criminal group of three or more mem!ers ho unite for one sole purpose or !elief andshare anything to mar$ gang relations from either a similar tattoo or the same employer% A “youthgang” is &ery compara!le to the technical term for gang ith the only difference !eing that the general age for a mem!er of a youth gang is '( to () years of age% Seeing as ho young girls and !oys are !eing initiated at a young age" the num!ers are rising for the num!er of gangs and gang mem!ers in the *nited States% No matter hat part of the country or orld you li&e in" near!y you there is most certainly going to !e some form of a gang affiliation% +he up rise of gang,life in society has negati&ely influenced the li&es of youth and ha&e increased in num!ers o&er the  past fe decades% +he !eginning of gang relations in America did not start from Americans themsel&es% +o guarantee that America had a sufficient supply of eapons" such as +ommy guns" in the '-(./s gang mem!ers from Ireland and Italy ere migrated from their home country to the !ig cities of  Ne 0or$ and 1os Angeles 2http344%timetoast%com4timelines4history,of,gangs,in,america5 to spread gang &iolence% +hus" started the !eginning of street gangs as ho e $no them today% 6rom that point" gangs ha&e multiplied and multiplied%At present time" there are a reported 77"... criminally acti&e street and prison gangs in the *nited States ith o&er '%) million mem!ers ho commit crimes li$e ro!!ery" rape" murder" gun and drug,traffic$ing" and prostitution rings 2http344%f!i%go&4a!out,

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